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Again Fotki

So, finally get updated very often again a few photos. Order: Random. Predicate: Valuable.

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Again we have a plan. Only had taken hold helplessness - All three carriers, were to sail from the Crimea to Istanbul, have ceased operations. And a big round of dranhängen Georgia? No, The project will move to other time.
Also: Until our return flight from Simferopol to the Fuhlsbüttel 8. June is still falling sharply. First, the coastal road, then we in Sevastopol, and the rocky Crimean Mountains in the end even.

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A hard day

Today as yesterday Schietwetter, strong headwind (20km / h) and again the track winds up making an ordeal Mikolaev. The only bright spot: cheap and delicious food at the guest house in the middle of nowhere (here is almost nothing, and what is, is always in the middle of nowhere); there are a few around the Djewuschkas 50 at midday angeschmissen the jukebox and put down a little dance.
Mikolaev was eating, and shop quickly, Then we had the wind in the back finally. Children wearing Armani Junior (Russkij Armani, understood). We are much like everywhere angequatscht, Today, the best type: "V Crimea?" - "Ja Mann, one sees the?"

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Women are, Women go ... Matti and Tim, Sitting in the middle of nowhere and Ukraine have cookies.

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After five weeks with a rather boring without food poisoning, there were now a couple of donated dry fish (for beer), Matti the felled. The fish are now under a large thistle, and since then it goes gently uphill. We have set up calls for procured a Ukrainian emergency number: +380507175681 Since we are within the next few days, at least in the evening, e.g.. with skype credits. But we can not send emails (funny) and therefore your wait silently until further notice.
Photos do not go, occurs when different.

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Black Sea!

The eyes were large and the even greater joy, Today, as we saw the sea! When we arrived at Odessa's Black Sea coast, Once we were sitting on the beach and rewarded us with a beer.
Time warp back 24: Yesterday we met at the border of Transnistria to Ukraine on Denis. Quick Living 56, with several 10000 Competitive kilometers on the clock, traveling from Spain to China. Read more here:

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Meanwhile, the last and so far only day off is more than a month ago. To treat our battered bodies a little rest, we decided, to spend two nights in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau. And it was worth it - while the major drive components regenerated, We even had time, our livers with local barley cold shell to do a little give. And we got to know many open-minded people from all over the world.

Marcus tumbled yesterday from Rosenheim in a hostel. He travels a similar route, only further and faster:

So, more HERE. Nur noch ca. 180 miles to the Black Sea coast =)

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HERE: Epic Photo-Shitstorm

Yesterday and today the weather was bad, since we moved our ado in a pension, to a hot shower and catch up a little photo-Geblogge:

A pearl of nature

In Kalina, we have met Artur, his character recumbent from Poland.

Without no struggle Mampf.

Tim pischert to 5 Clock in the morning in the lake.

Hage World, the Topfn here

The JWD is Maramures in the north-west of Romania. Surrounded by mountains, it has preserved its peculiarities. Famous is the wooden architecture, there are a few very old wooden churches are without a nail. The picture shows a construction site in Barsana Monastery.

Keksbombe on 1680 m

In Maramures hay is still traditionally harvested and stored in small huts.

View from Prislop Pass

A beer and Matti has completed the ferns.

PFERD Matti award a.

Matti award a PFERD.

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It is almost dark, We are sitting on a hay field with a fantastic view of mountain ranges maramurische, the sky is clear and see the stars already, from the monastery next door softly singing of Vespers penetrates to our ears.

Where we go, We will be friendly honks, accompanied by high-held thumb or waving, Children on the roadside shouting with delight at the sight of, older folks is a mixture of amazement and joy on her face. Everyone is so open-hearted, Greetings are always answered. We have already had countless conversations about our little trip; Once we were even on the street "attack" and invited to a coffee in a small community hall.

Short: We like it here.

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No sooner has the inside rear wheel, is also the front wheel out again from Slovakia. Since we are rapidly heated by, insofar as it allowed the streets. Not like the muddy forest track, gave me even a flat tire in the front.
The small north-eastern corner of Hungary, we will probably get just as quickly behind us - after the coffee drunk and Tim's camera battery is freshly besaftet. Cheers.

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